Updating intranet

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Updating intranet

But deep inside the WSUS server, things are a mess: The WSUS server is the only computer that can get updates from itself, it cannot communicate with clients, and after a few days, all computers—except for the WSUS server itself—are listed as .Visiting Event Viewer Custom Views for Server Roles, or hitting the Roles’ list collapse sign (plus sign inside the square) on Server Manager and looking into each role’s events, you’d be surprised to see there’s no recent events or perhaps no events at all listed for Web Server (IIS).Many intranets have reached, or passed, their fifth birthdays.

It can deliver many benefits: An intranet is also a necessary prerequisite for a wider knowledge management strategy.A4: Key Judgements Q5: How many working days notice will a provider get from September 2015?A5: Still up to 2 working days Q6: What is the key change to how inspectors will observe teaching, learning & assessment A6: They will no longer grade them Q7: Inspectors will spend most of their time collecting first hand evidence, including observations.Before the larger cultural and process issues can be addressed, a strong foundation must be built to support the creation, capture and distribution of information.The first step in the project is to examine the currently-deployed intranet.

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Open Server Manager and remove Web Server (IIS) and Windows Server Update Services roles.

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