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Some of the major uses of Xen Client are to: • Simplify management of PCs by letting IT admins deploy and manage a single golden image for many PCs • Allow users to work from anywhere and give IT central control by offering desktop virtualization for offline laptops • Protect corporate data by enforcing security policies and backing up corporate and user data • Reduce the cost of supporting PCs in remote and branch offices with remote office servers • Support Windows 7 migrations with hardware-independent images propagated to all users • Manage shared PCs for kiosks, labs and training facilities by provisioning and managing several PCs at a time • Repurpose existing PCs as thin clients by managing the thin-client device Many businesses in different industries have deployed Xen Client, including companies from industries such as healthcare, energy, and retail.

Xen Client customers include: Swisscom, Afval Energie Bedrijf (AEB), Advanced Medical Imaging, Visma ITC, Residential Finance Corporation (RFC), Eyecare Medical Group, In Town Veterinary Group, Town of Lincoln, Mássachusetts Xen Client has been recognized as an industry leader in client virtualization.

Restarting or logging off and back on to Windows 7 does not resolve the issue.

This temp profile issue rises because of a registry key problem.

Xen Client Enterprise is a desktop virtualization product composed of a client hypervisor, the Xen Client Enterprise Engine, and a management server, the Xen Client Enterprise Synchronizer.

Xen Client XT has a special, hardened version of the Xen Client Engine client hypervisor and hardware-assisted features for a high level of security.

It is designed for the public sector and other industries with extreme security requirements. The first is the Xen Client Enterprise Engine, which includes the client hypervisor and any virtual machines managed by the hypervisor.

The second is the Xen Client Enterprise Synchronizer, the management server which manages multiple Xen Client Enterprise Engines.

Xen Client Enterprise Engine is a Type-1 client hypervisor which runs on bare metal or directly on the hardware.

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Right click on the desktop and go to personalize - set the theme to 10Zi G Technology. If using RDP protocol please refer to this article.