Updating a row in a gridview Free online chating aunties nos

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Updating a row in a gridview

Hi steve, In this scenario the edit operation depends on the bound object that in your case is Data Table/Data Set.Data Row/Data Row View objects implement IEditable Object and when some data in Rad Grid View is changed, the internal Currency Manager calls End Edit of current item after the current position is changed to another row.There are two buttons at the top - Update and Cancel - that are common for all the rows of the Grid View.

The __do Post Back() call of the Update button passes the first parameter as the control's unique ID.This way you save screen space otherwise occupied by Edit, Update and Cancel column.In order to implement this trick you need to understand how the Grid View control updates its data.If you see the HTML source of a Grid View once it is rendered in the browser you will find the following for Edit, Update and Cancel Link Buttons.As you can see Grid View generates the __do Post Back() calls for the Edit, Update and Cancel Link Buttons ( tag on the client side).

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Till now our Grid View is ready to be populated, now let’s write a method to populate the Grid View.