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The captives 2001 online dating

ISIS-linked militants reportedly captured nine Christians, tied their hands together and shot them dead in a city in the Philippines.The Maute group forced the civilians off their truck at a roadside checkpoint in Marawi City on Wednesday and murdered them after they were identified as Christian, local media reported.Harrowing images show the group lying dead face-down in the grass, amid reports that villagers are afraid to move the bodies because terrorists are still in the area.One policeman was similarly caught at a checkpoint set up by the militants and beheaded on Wednesday, President Rodrigo Duterte said.See full summary » Antoni Maiovvi's Darkroom is a journey into the mind of a deranged serial killer, haunted and eventually destroyed by the ghost of his own desire. See full summary » Returning from vacation, the Miller family find their home has been broken into.

When Danny decides he's going clean, Nicky reacts ...

I know that this movie is a low- budget indie movie,but this movie is just the main plot of the story itself lacks in explanations,and it will leave you scratching your head on what's the point of the story,and what's going on in this movie.

It has a sloppy visual editing,and a sound editing so bad,that in some unnecessary scenes,there's a sound that will blow your eardrums without any apparent reason.

See full summary » After dating a wonderful man, Hope comes back home, sees her daughter Jennifer and goes to sleep.

She wakes-up in the woods with a psychopath, fighting to survive for more than forty days ...

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It also has a soundtrack that really didn't help,or maybe ruin a scene that's supposed to be tense.